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Meetups - May 6, 2015


Hello everyone!

We're excited to host another Go meet up at the Pressly office. We welcome any Go, Ruby, Python, Java, Node, Erlang, developers to join us in our discussion.

The topics for the evening: 

Testing Hard to Test Elements - Steven Soroka

Steven will take a look at testing the harder points with go and how to approach them.

Deployment, and Pressly's in house Deployment Tool(s) - Vojtech Vitek

Vojtech will get us insight on the tools that Pressly uses for deployment and why they were developed.

If someone else would like to do a talk, please get in touch with us so we can schedule it in, we certainly welcome more talks!  You can also access topics to choose from and old talk resources from here:

We hope you can all make it :) bring your polyglot friends who want to get schooled in Go.

oh.. and, there will be pizza+beer

Toronto, ON - Canada

Thursday, May 7 at 6:30 PM

Attending: 51



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